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Hello everyone.


I just purchased my first Leica yesterday. The body is a IIIg from 1957 and the lens is a 50mm Summicron f/2 from 1956. I paid $300 for the lens. However, upon looking at the lens (front and rear glass elements) with a flashlight in the dark, I noticed there was a little haze coming from inside the glass.


I'd like to get this lens cleaned. Anyone have a ballpark figure on how much a cleaning like this will cost?

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$150 to 200 DAG camera repair. Golden Touch camera repair Sherry Krauter. She is very good.


Focal Point Lens will also clean, not plain focal point.


A collapsible is not my favorite lens. It needs cleaning if you see anything inside as it degrades the image starting with lower contrast and the lens is already low.


A Rigid is worth whatever it costs if you have one which you probably do not.


Next time inspect BEFORE purchase.

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    • By Keops
      Hi there. Today while taking photos with my MP I realized some kind of liquid had dropped on the back of my camera. It had been dried before I noticed it. As a reflex I immediately clean the thing but the same stuff had also snuck on to the light seal cloth that covers the parameters of the back door. How can I clean the residue on the light seal? Or should I bother? I am afraid of the possibility of the strange liquid damaging the light seal.

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    • By RolfRolf
      bei meiner R8 klappt der Spiegel nicht mehr weg, wenn es kälter ist.
      Kennt ihr jemand im Rhein-Main Gebiet (+/- 100km, ich will die nicht schicken), der das einstellen kann?
      Benutze sie trotz ihres unangenehmen Gewichts sehr sehr gerne ;-)

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    • By Eclectic Man
      With mirrorless cameras exposing the sensor whenever a lens is changed, dust and other particles can become attached to the sensor.  as the sensors tend to heat up with use, I wonder if particles can become 'baked on'.  The question I have is, how frequently do people clean their camera's sensor?  And how do you clean your sensor, do you just uses a blower, a brush, wet clean with swab or a sticky gel like Eyelead?
      I believe that my ageing 'rocket' blower, where the bulb is made of rubber, is decaying and actually deposited fine particles on the sensor when I used it.  How can I check, and what is the design life of a rubber blower brush?  Some spots on my SL2 sensor took quite some removing with an alcohol-based wet cleaning kit and gel-based Eyelead.
    • By Tom1234
      Has Leica priced only for the super rich not the middle class or even worker-who-can-save?  With M10's going USED at $4,5000 TO $5,500 most people can not afford them.  Even used only the super rich can afford them.
      If they had sold the new M10's around $4,500, about $2,000 above the $2,500 that the Asian cameras sell for, then used the Leica would sell for $2,000 to $3,000 where many could afford them.
      Thus a used Leica's price would compete with new Asian camera prices.  This would give Leica a double market to sell to, both new and used, and greater market penetration (more sales), and a reason to expand their repair department which is greatly needed.
      If you can sell the trade-in camera, then it is normally easier to sell a new camera, is it not?   By hurting the trade-in used market with high priced used cameras, it must be harder to sell new $7,000 cameras.  Since the used cameras are selling at $4,5000+ then it could only be to a few very rich people - thus used cameras compete with Leica's   own new camera market.  I realize it is not this simple but I am sure you get my point. Could Leica could end up like Pentax & Rollei?
      Leica might have a better "economic system", at a more reasonable new price and greater sales, with the accompanying better/larger repair department.  The existing repair department could not fully fix my Tri-Elmar 28-35-50 lens.
      Is there demand at $3,500 to $4,500 new body price, for an M11?  At $3,500 you would likely convert some new-camera Asian-camera buyers to new-camera Leica-camera buyers.  That is about 40% more for a body than the Asian market can provide at $2,500.  At $4,500+ you probably loose this convert. 
      Probably due to this overpricing effect on both bodies and lenses, no camera store sells Leica in my home town.  My town is in a CSA (combined statistical area) population of 1,096,961.  Our top camera store told me years ago they could not carry a camera unless they could sell ONE a month, so they dropped Leica.   Lower used prices would give camera stores something to sell profitably (selling new cameras is hardly profitable I am told) and keep them in business.
      Trade-ins are NOT reasonably priced, when they are priced above the price of new Asian cameras, cameras that frankly exceed the capabilities of any Leica.  But of course the Asian cameras are a horror story of complexity to operate, so many users dislike them.  Asian digital cameras remove the sense of being an artist and turn you into a technician.
      As now priced, Leica sends me to Panasonic S1, S1-R, S1-H or better yet Nikon Z6, Z7 which has very very close to the Leica-Euro color hues when using old Leica lenses as reports show with pictures.
      Sadly with M10-R the Leica-Euro-Color may be lost in order to extend the dynamic range of the smaller pixel sensor?  Why not give a Euro-Color Leica-Look check box in the menus to select this color saturation level and loose the one or one-half stop of brightness that is needed to achieve it?  As long as the dark areas go black, and not to Noise, then it would be acceptable for many users.
      Please take my comments as a hope for an expanded Leica market.  I also realize, that the market resolves all issues, and has a sort of fairness all its own that we must submit to.  I do enjoy the economic study.
    • By apbphoto
      I am restoring a Focomat 1c (complete with Ilford Multigrade HLZ system) and all seems fine except it is missing one small but important part. I attach a photo of the part on another 1c as well as the bare spindle/screw on mine.
      I don’t know what it is called but I’m guessing it is a roller bearing and is roughly 10mm in diameter. It supports the curved autofocus cam and without it I need to manually focus all the time.
      Now I am aware that Leica stopped support for enlargers some time ago but I wonder if anyone could help: is this a standard component I could source from a roller bearing supplier or would I need to have it fabricated?

      Second query is does anyone know of a good lens repair place that could clean the haze from a couple of Focotars I have. Leica no longer provide this service. I'm in the UK.


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      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
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