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m240 macro


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I want a 50mm summicron M-marco lens for christmas.


my current setup für macro with the M240 is either a 16469Y ring with an 2,8 elmar 50, which seems to be leica's best close up lens or an olympus om 2,0 50mm macro lens with an adapter.


both are quite nice, but I am thinking of a lens, with a built in extension, like Rf-coupled to 0.7m and then by rotation of a ring closeup abiliy to 0.3 or thereabout using live view.


please, Leica! I was a good boy...


p.s.: i also want tethering with live view and support for the Olympus VF4!

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How about the 90/4?.


Agreed. It gives you better working distance and, while not quite as sharp as the APO 90mm, more than makes up for it by allowing you to focus closer.


Perfect for flowers / product shots, particularly with liveview / e-viewfinder.


The goggles allow you to go closer still, but are not always worth the hassle.

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...while not quite as sharp as the APO 90mm, more than makes up for it by allowing you to focus closer.


Sharper is not a term I'd use, but more generally, E. Puts rates the 90 Macro-Elmar as the best 90 in the current Leica lineup, and considers it one the best M lenses in Leica history. The macro capability is a bonus. And unless one needs the speed, the size and weight is a double bonus.


A lot of folks see the word 'macro' and don't understand how great the lens is in other respects. I think Leica buries it on their lists and, only within the last few years or so, no longer sells it without the macro adapter, which increases the price of an otherwise incredible bargain.



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You would be better off getting a dedicated macro lens such as the R60 Macro Elmarit, a Nikon, or a Canon macro lens. I have all those and they all work great! Perhaps, even some extension rings and a ringflash as well if you really want to get into macro photography. It is a very demanding discipline. I don't know about the new M, but a good DSLR may be the best tool for macro photography.

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But tmldds, do you have an M240 upon which you have tried for example the APO 100 Macro R or the 60R macro?


I have and it works just fine instead of getting involved in a whole other camera system.


No, I do not have the M240. I tend to use a ringflash a lot when shooting macro to be able to shoot at f29-32 on my Canon to isolate the subject and keep the background dark. For my usage, I find the DSLR fits the bill perfectly. At one point, I did sell my first M9 upon pre-ordering the M240, but decided to cancel it and get another M9 to better compliment my MM since they share the same batteries and similar button layout.

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