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M6 + M3 or M6 + M4

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Hello all,


I am new to the forum and hope that you can help me with some decisions..


I own a M6 and a Nokton 35 1.4 and I want to get a 50mm lens but didnt have the cash for it.

i thougt about the new nokton 50 1.5


but here's the story and the question:

sometimes a help out at a photo lab which is all digital by now.. we cleaned up the basement and I found a box with old analogue camera stuff in it. My boss said I can have it if I'm interested..

At home I opened the box and couldn't believe it... two Mamiya RB67's with lots of accessoirs, a Minolta SLR, a Leica M3, a Leica M4, a Lunasix3 meter, and a few other things...I am so stoked to be the lucky owner of all that..


I dont think that i will keep that all. of course I will sell at least one of the Mamiyas and maybe one of the Leicas and get myself a 50mm lens instead.


so the question is.. which one to keep and which one to sell?? or even sell both because I own a M6 with a meter inside...


what do you think?



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I have all three (M3, 4, & 6), and they are all fine. The M6 meter is very convenient, but I use a Leicameter MR4 on the 3&4, and you soon get fast with it, learning not to worry about every shot when the scene lighting stays the same.

The finders on both the 3 & 4 are better than the M6, where the rangefinder patch can flare "white" mor often. The M4 is my favorite, but it was my first Leica in 1968. The M3 finder is fine, but I use wide angles enough that the lack of a 35mm frame bothers me.

I probably use my M6 more than the others these days.

I'd agree the Nokton 1.5 is an excellent choice. I've used the LTM version (same optics) for a few years, and it compares very well with the older (non-asph) Summilux.

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I wouldn't sell anything , not even the box , what a nice present you 've got , treasure it !

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Well I would keep the Mamiya for certain, because6*7 is a wonderfull format and I think you'll get relatively little money for it. I would keep the M4, if the condition of the M's are the same. Your M6 for color, the M4 for B&W. Not only for the frames, also more same handling as your M6

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