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.... Oh yes, I am referring to having 16bit DNGs with no "LinearizationTable" metadata as a "user selectable" menu item. ....


Yes, THIS would be important, no joke!





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That certain persons, however important they may be(and to whomever this importance is ascribed), cannot part with their lens(es) for coding is a "corner case" for justification of less accurate, "user selectable" mis-application of firmware functions.


I'm using the 50 on paying work right now. It's been shimmed and has focus dead on. If it goes away for 2 weeks and comes back mis calibrated because of the mount change I will be screwed. As this has happened to others I am not going to risk it until I have a suitable back up. It's got nothing to do with being important. Quite the opposite actually. If you were a cab driver could you afford to send your car in for 2 weeks (or maybe much longer if it comes back improperly adjusted) to add some ease of use feature?


Explain to me how there is any difference in quality if I select the profile for my Leica 50 Summilux or the camera does it for me as it's the same profile?

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