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M8 goes uncompressed DNG

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Yes, a RAW+EXIF option would be awesome.

Thank you for all your nice work so far. I'm happy to contribute through testing and donation.


Let me second this statement!

A RAW+EXIF Option would be absolutely wonderful!

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the replies are quite helpful. I was kind of worried that having a jpeg created was a required component of the file container, because that would be an acceptable tho unfortunate situation. As most all of us know, there are few reasons to prefer the M8's jpegs to what desktop applications can crank out effortlessly. (Some reasons, but few!)


I do want to be clear about something I've brought up. This new file option is all by itself a terrific accomplishment and I dearly hope it finds a route to full inclusion in the firmware of our cameras. Some nice frosting on this treat would be if this new raw file (minus a jpeg) is an improvement on how efficiently the frame buffer clears and how many shots it takes to fill it up. I have an EOS 1D for my high fps needs, but we all know it's all to easy to start missing shots at peak moments when the light or the scene or the expressions and experiences are fleeting and rapidly changing. My fingers are crossed.


It has occurred to me to wonder if Capture One might be interested in this endeavour in some manner?



Richard in Michigan

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Hello everyone,


I think the thread is obsolete now as I opened a new one with a better fitting title...


M8raw2dng - Tool to convert Leica M8 RAW files to DNG


I hope you like the application!




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