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R8 film transport problem- ripped sprockets

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Having a problem with ripped sprockets when trying to advance film. The rewind lever is not moving smoothly all the time. Someimes it moves freely then hangs up and is extemely rigid suddenly. So at random intervals is causes too much tension and rips sprockets when advancing film. (The rewind knob does not move properly in either direction.) Anyone know a possible cause and a fix for this issue?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Alyssa, I don't like the sound of that. It is possible a tiny screw has come loose inside and is drifting around, or the rewind shaft has had a knock and is bent, or.... I don't what else to think. Whatever it really sounds like a return to service/repair. The body will have to be stripped down to find the cause and rectify. I can't see any other possibility. I hope you have another camera meanwhile.


Others may chime in but I can't imagine their conclusions being any more cheerful. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am concerned it is something I am inept at fixing. It is possible it had an impact and is slightly bent as I can be a little hard on my equipment but I don't know for sure of anything that happened to it. Problem started suddenly on a roll at exposure 9. lever advance got stiff halfway then stopped forwarding the film as it ripped a single sproket hole(top and bottom of film). Tried lubricating rewind lever and see what could be rubbing or bent. Unable to see any culprit.

Sigh. I've never had an inexpensive repair...

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The law of averages says, "if you have enough repairs, one of them will be inexpensive!"


Here's hoping.


P.S. The R8 is a fabulous camera. Worth whatever to fix.

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      Hello, I am searching for help:
      What could cause extreme stiffness in rewind lever?
      There is too much tension and causing ripped sprockets, therefore not allowing for full frame advancement of film. I can move advance lever maybe half-way then it rips and does not move film forward the entire frame.
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      After a few minutes of use, the rewind noise sounds better.
      If I shoot in C mode, the rewind noise is crisp and fast, as it should be, this only happens in S mode.
      Does anyone know why this might be?
      I enquired with Leica about costs for having this services at Solms, and they informed me it would unlikely be less than $300 for a general service, which makes me thing it might be a lot more if there is an issue :S
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      Indeed taking out the canister shows it is.
      This happened twice already with both films I've shot on the camera.
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      My only speculation is that the teeth engaging the sprockets are very slippery and just won't pull the film at some point, preferring to slip. Could this have anything to do with my not winding back the film a little bit during loading, before shooting frames -2 and -1?
      Please, any thoughts!
      Kind regards,
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