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An Essay On Five-Months Use Of The M (Typ-240) As A Multipurpose Tool

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I was fortunate enough to have gotten my hands on an M pretty early (March 1), and have now used it in a wide variety of situations over a span of five months. You might enjoy this essay (Thoughts On The Leica M (Typ-240) As A Multipurpose Tool | Tulip Frenzy) I just posted on using one both in classic rangefinder mode and in its DSLR mode.


Having recently spent several weeks using the M with the Vario-Elmar-R 80-200, and thus being able once again to shoot wildlife and landscapes in a manner similar to what I was able to do before making the big switch, a decade ago, from Nikons to Leicas, I am thrilled that Leica is now offering M users a multipurpose camera with tremendous versatility.


You may or may not agree with the conclusions drawn, but I hope you enjoy this short essay.

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Nicely done John.

I share your point of view, and find the M and huge upgrade from the M9. There is no way I could ever go back to the M9 after using the M. The dynamic range improvements are huge, and I find the 35FLE + M combo and amazing pair that does produce HDR like results at night.

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Nice write up, I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

The 240 is my first leica M and it is everything I had hoped and more. I truly enjoy using it and converting to the rangefinder has not caused too much of a learning curve. The live view offers a different set of possibilities for wideangle and photographing architecture that are a great addition to the rangefiners limitations. I did have a M9 on loan last summer, and although nice, I felt I could not live with its different shortcomings and decided to wait - a decision I have certainly not regrettet. The 240 feels like a very complete machine.

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John, your review made me cry....


I am wanting my (yet not delivered) M even more...


If you are feeling like a full blown weep read Mark Dubovoy's review on Luminous Landscape.


Nice piece, John.

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Interesting review. Thanks for posting.


I find the writing, in the plural, difficult - awkward to read. Is there a reason for it?

"We raised the camera to our eye"?

Evident. Pluralis Majestatis.


Pluralis Majestatis ("Majestic Plural") is the use of the plural pronoun in reference to one individual her-, him-, or itself alone. This is also known as the "Royal we" because it has usually been restricted to august personages such as monarchs, bishops, Popes, and university rectors. The reason behind the pluralis majestatis is the idea that a monarch or other high official always speaks for their people.

Examples of purported instances:

We are not amused. Queen Victoria (in at least one account of this quotation, though, she was not speaking for herself alone, but for the ladies of the court.)

We are a grandmother. Margaret Thatcher announcing the birth of Mark Thatcher's son Michael in 1990.

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