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    • By silverbacklabs
      Hi there,
      I am attempting to repair the battery terminal for the light meter on my SL2, which corroded and snapped off some years ago. I have seen a repair video for the same issue on an SL model on YouTube  and it certainly looks achievable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXSjrAUj0EQ
      I am having trouble removing the bottom casing though. After removing the 2 screws and either end of the body, it's clear it is still fastened in the middle, however there is no drive hole to unscrew inside the tripod mount. It's possible that it has been stripped off if it's soft aluminium. I have attempted with a Robertson bits and Hex bits and there is nothing in there to grip - but I can also see that there is nothing to grip....
      Is it different between the SL and SL2... or if it has been stripped, is there any other way to remove the screw/cover?
      Thanks in advance...

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    • By Akaki
      Hello for everyone
      The light meter in the internal viewfinder sometimes freezes due to underexposure in strong light. I am using Noctilux 0.95. and M 10 Monochrome Changing the Aperture and shutter speed does not help. It is necessary to turn off the cameras and only after that you can continue to work. Have you ever observed this.
    • By iimikeii
      Hi All,
      I'm struggling to find this information anywhere on the internet and hoping someone may be able to chime in.
      I have a Leica M6 (#168xxxx) and have a meter that is underexposing by 1 to 1 1/2 stops. I have confirmed this in 3 ways:
      1) I've metered a gray card with an external meter and it differs from my M6 meter
      2) I've metered a gray card with a Contax G2 meter and again, it differs from my M6 meter
      3) all the photos I get back from the lab are consistently underexposed.
      I shoot 400 speed film and set the camera's ASA to 200 to let another stop light in and this fixes the problem. I'm curious if anyone knows if there is an adjustment that can be made to the meter so that I don't have to compensate this way forever. I had new light shields installed by DAG in July because of a light leak issue and the camera was apparently also checked for accurate shutter speeds, rangefinder and meter. I've emailed him again but haven't heard back in 3 days. Hoping someone else might be able to point me in the right direction. 
    • By Herr Barnack
      I just discovered this little jewel and it looks like a good possibility for M cameras with no built in light meter.  Priced at $130 USD, it won't break the bank.
      KEKS EM-01 Light Meter Review
      Available at the end of August from F Stop Cameras: https://www.fstopcameras.com/accessories/keks-em-01-light-meter
    • By frame-it
      looks interesting..though i have a VC-2 already
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