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A. David Wunsch

lens setting , 28mm, manual, for Monochrom

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I'm using a Leica Monochrom with an Elmarit M lens, 28 mm, Made in Canada.

It's f 2.8, ser 2978547


When I go into the camera's menu to tell the camera what lens I'm using I don't see this lens as an option in the list of usable lenses. What lens should I set the camera for ?


A. David W.

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I'm using a Leica M Monochrom with an Elmarit-M lens, 28 mm, Made in Canada. It's 1:2.8, ser 2978547

Your lens is not an Elmarit-M but an Elmarit—it's the second version of the 28/2.8 (the current Elmarit-M 28 mm Asph being the fifth). The serial number 2978550 was the last of this type



When I go into the camera's menu to tell the camera what lens I'm using I don't see this lens as an option in the list of usable lenses. What lens should I set the camera for?

I don't have an M Monochrom but I guess the M9's lens menu is the same as the M Monochrom's. So—yes, your 2nd-version Elmarit 28 mm 11801 is not included in the list. I would simply resort to the 3rd-version Elmarit-M 28 mm 11804. Or better yet, try all available options, then pick the one that gives the best results.

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The use of the 11804 lens setting agrees with what I was just told over the phone by the Leica dealer in New York. Thanks for corroborating that advice.


My lens is stamped with the name Elmarit M , serial number 2978547

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Your lens is a Ver 3, so it is in the lens listing.


Very nice lens BTW, enjoy.

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