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I like film...(open thread)

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This photo is from a series from some of my crazy, extreme photo adventures I  had photographing Mountains "Alpinists " and rock climbers. This is Alpes mountain range which is called   "Le Massive du Mont Blanc", Haût Savoir region  In France.  And this place is a White valley ( La Vallee Blanche - Chamonix ) the most beautiful region You must visit. I was very brave enough to carry my Medium format two lenses/ meters/ and a Canon EOS and a 50mm, a lot of films No tripod/ It is crazy when I thi

Bonjour Henri,   I still prefer black and white film (I use almost no colour). The advantages of digital don’t mean much to me. Seeing instant results is not so useful, since what comes out of a camera is always far from a final result, and the final result requires time and thought.   Film also continues to improve. The quality of available film and developers is as good as it has ever been, and it is still as competent as digital sensors of equivalent size.   I also much prefer silver g

On a week-long stay at the Faroe Islands, I took the ferry from Torshavn (the 'capital') to the southernmost island, Suduroy, and looked up potential shooting locations on the island. This image was taken a little before the sun was setting in the ocean, with wind from the west (left). With the uplift of the humid air at the cliffs, fog and clouds drifted over the island. A quite typical situation for the islands; the ocean can be more or less cloud free, but the islands are generally covered in

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6 hours ago, stray cat said:

I just watched this video produced by Ilford. The photographer, Lucy Ridges, is not only supremely talented but is able to clearly speak and with admirable insight about her ideas, approach and motivations and I think many of us might find ourselves nodding in agreement or in recognition of what she has to say. Her work is exemplary. That she uses film should I guess be secondary but for me it totally reinforced the connection I and I think many of us feel towards photography using film and the processes involved. I enthusiastically commend this video along with the excellent Fay Godwin video that has been recommended below:


wow this is great - so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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vor 22 Stunden schrieb dimm:

Very nice tones!!!


vor 21 Stunden schrieb benqui:


Great shot Jörg!



vor 6 Stunden schrieb Bateleur:

So much in this photo to delight, the warm colours, a gentle breeze of the sea, her stance and head held high. I love this photo.

Time well spent I'd say!

Thanks a lot, gentlemen. Much appreciated.

Regards Jörg

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5 hours ago, Steve Ricoh said:

Corfe Castle in redscale (lomo 800, EI200) Leica M6, 35 f2

I love Corfe Castle in any light!


5 hours ago, Steve Ricoh said:

Corfe Castle in redscale (lomo 800, EI200) Leica M6, 35 f2

I love Corfe Castle in any light!

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, SHenry said:

Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel CA

Velvia ISO 100 (B&W convert), F100, 28mm, f/6.3, 1/125s, NCPS Lab.

I have stood on that exact spot. It was part of my conversion back to film. I spent 2 weeks around there, taking hundreds/thousands of photos with the Q and CL (55-135 TL). When I got home to process all the dngs, I realized they were all wonderful, as in wonderfully boring. I got my 40 year old Nikon FE CLAed and have never looked back.

Well, I will look back when I return to Pt. Lobos next year...with a couple of film cameras....

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