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I like film...(open thread)

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This photo is from a series from some of my crazy, extreme photo adventures I  had photographing Mountains "Alpinists " and rock climbers. This is Alpes mountain range which is called   "Le Massive du Mont Blanc", Haût Savoir region  In France.  And this place is a White valley ( La Vallee Blanche - Chamonix ) the most beautiful region You must visit. I was very brave enough to carry my Medium format two lenses/ meters/ and a Canon EOS and a 50mm, a lot of films No tripod/ It is crazy when I thi

Bonjour Henri,   I still prefer black and white film (I use almost no colour). The advantages of digital don’t mean much to me. Seeing instant results is not so useful, since what comes out of a camera is always far from a final result, and the final result requires time and thought.   Film also continues to improve. The quality of available film and developers is as good as it has ever been, and it is still as competent as digital sensors of equivalent size.   I also much prefer silver g

On a week-long stay at the Faroe Islands, I took the ferry from Torshavn (the 'capital') to the southernmost island, Suduroy, and looked up potential shooting locations on the island. This image was taken a little before the sun was setting in the ocean, with wind from the west (left). With the uplift of the humid air at the cliffs, fog and clouds drifted over the island. A quite typical situation for the islands; the ocean can be more or less cloud free, but the islands are generally covered in

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13 hours ago, Pyrogallol said:

Is it all the pictures or just those at 1/1000th ? 

The shutter blinds not opening fully at higher speeds  indicates that a service is needed, but if the slower speeds are working all right you might be able to ignore it for now, how many times do we actually need 1/1000th ?

It works well at slower speed...it's been many many years since it's been serviced so I guess it was expected!

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16 hours ago, jonnyboy said:

I just got my roll of HP5 I shot on the day of Prince Phillips passing...argh, I think my shutter is busted! All the shots at 1/1000 are half black, so gutted! All shots are busted basically...

Sad Sunday....

Even after a trip to Germany for an overhaul including new shutter curtains, my M2 still shows a degree of "fade" at 1/500, more at 1/1000.  My M3 without a trip to Leica shows much the same.  Rather than worry too much about the shutter (completely reliable at 1/250 and slower) I use ND filters to keep reasonable apertures at the slower speeds.  ND8 for ISO 100 and ND 64 for ISO 400 allows for shooting in daylight at in the range f/1.4 up to f/5.6 ("sweet spots" for many Leica lenses) at 1/250 or 1/125.  Use of NDs on rangefinders so much easier than on SLRs where the dimming of the light makes the viewfinder go dark.

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10 minutes ago, AntonioF said:

Should I shoot in the morning fog against the sun? Sure, who cares?

Pentax 6x7, Takumar 105/2.4, Fomapan 400

Very nice, Antonio 👍

This effect can be amplified, in the right conditions, by removing the lens hood. 

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