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I like film...(open thread)

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I wondered why the apx 100 I developed last week in Adonal 1+50 did show so much grain. My fault was to set the output tab TIFF size reduction in Vuescan to level 3. After correcting this the grain is allright.

m6 1.4/35pre apx 100n


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This photo is from a series from some of my crazy, extreme photo adventures I  had photographing Mountains "Alpinists " and rock climbers. This is Alpes mountain range which is called   "Le Massive du Mont Blanc", Haût Savoir region  In France.  And this place is a White valley ( La Vallee Blanche - Chamonix ) the most beautiful region You must visit. I was very brave enough to carry my Medium format two lenses/ meters/ and a Canon EOS and a 50mm, a lot of films No tripod/ It is crazy when I thi

Bonjour Henri,   I still prefer black and white film (I use almost no colour). The advantages of digital don’t mean much to me. Seeing instant results is not so useful, since what comes out of a camera is always far from a final result, and the final result requires time and thought.   Film also continues to improve. The quality of available film and developers is as good as it has ever been, and it is still as competent as digital sensors of equivalent size.   I also much prefer silver g

On a week-long stay at the Faroe Islands, I took the ferry from Torshavn (the 'capital') to the southernmost island, Suduroy, and looked up potential shooting locations on the island. This image was taken a little before the sun was setting in the ocean, with wind from the west (left). With the uplift of the humid air at the cliffs, fog and clouds drifted over the island. A quite typical situation for the islands; the ocean can be more or less cloud free, but the islands are generally covered in

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vor 11 Stunden schrieb Ernest:

M-A APO 50 Fuji Natura 1600 & ADOX Color Implosion


vor 6 Stunden schrieb stray cat:

Nikon F5, 200-500mm, Portra 800

Thats a nice and serendipitous juxtaposition of two photos: the solemn and elegant Flappers, with its subdued tones, both in color and sound and just below the Sniffer, with the grass rustling,  visceral activity of the sniffing dog, the bold  colors and the warmth of the evening ( morning ? ) sun. Interestingly enough, both are developing from the left to the right along a matrix of vertical elements. Rogs work with a Venetian blind effect and  a promise of a nicer future in the distance, Phils work with an invitation to take part in the joys of life, here and now. 

Thank you, gentlemen, you made my morning. I'll  now go for a walk, maybe along the canal, only thing is I have yet to decide on the camera .... 😱

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Am 27.2.2021 um 20:54 schrieb Krusty:


for me my first Leica was the Q (Typ 116) and after that i stumbled into the analog but with Leica R4 and the Leica CL. Do you think that MyFilmLab does something different when they read „shot @ ISO 200“ on a 400 Film (i mean a Pull development) or do they just process as it would be shot at ISO 400 ? Is push / pull only common on B/W or C41 development as well? Do you know if discounters (DM, Rossmann, ) also are able to push / pull develop film?

Just go to the meinfilmlab website. There is a very good article about the pastell look with the Portra 400 @200. 

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I've shot Portra 400 like this a few times and it is remarkably flexible. Once that I recall now was at a party indoors, so with low light levels overall and plenty of pointy light sources in the shape of lamps. Basically I just exposed it as I wanted it and told the lab to develop at box speed. Without too much trouble I could in post create OK-ish photos. There's no real magic - well except for the amazing malleability of colour negative film as a medium, which is pretty magical - but in my view it's not the best way to get the most out of the film. Underexposed C41 will be grainy/noisy in the shadow areas because the scanner will struggle to pull out detail there (how much will depend on the scanner's abilities). This means that one will need to resort to various grain/noise reduction tricks to improve the result (and btw such tricks work very well on properly exposed C41 too).

I rate my ISO 400 C41 films 2 stops over at EI100, unless I need the speed. C41 absolutely LOVES light and it is almost impossible to overexpose it beyond saving. So much can be done in post with a few pulls on a slider. For ISO 200 and 100 films I usually go for 1 stop. The only exception is Ektar which I always shoot at box speed. Whenever I've shot at a different EI I will always inform the lab of this. I don't know much about how colour negative development works but I believe there's a difference between developing an ISO 400 film and an ISO 100 film so it is necessary to inform the lab which EI a roll has been shot at because otherwise all the in-camera work will be for naught.

B&W is similarly flexible and it becomes truly magical when you add the amazing developer Diafine to the mix. It is a two-part developer and each part is used for 4 minutes regardless of which film is developed. Read that again and think of the implications. It means that you can develop different ISO films at the same time. In my 5-roll Kindermann tank I've developed Kodak Double-X shot at EI800 together with APX 100 and Kodak TMax 400 all at the same time, 4+4 mins. 

It gets better though because this also means that you can effectively and deliberately, depending on what a particular scene needs, shoot one single roll at a wide range of EI and then have the photos come out great to OK-ish. I've developed rolls with photos shot both 1-2 stops under and 1-2 stops over and had good results. The end result will depend on the film's qualities as some films are more forgiving than other films. To put this in perspective, it becomes similar to changing the ISO on a digital camera within one and the same roll. The only drawback I have found with Diafine is that it can increase the grain a bit when compared with for instance HC-110 which is the other developer I use. But that tradeoff can often be worth it.


On 2/27/2021 at 9:43 PM, Krusty said:

What do you think about this article: https://petapixel.com/2018/02/05/test-reveals-exposure-limits-kodak-portra-400-film/ ?

How is this possible? Because it is on the same soll of film without push and pull and the overexposed pics also look great.

Well done Joachim, it's got a timeless vintage feel. Seeing those two in the foreground reminds me of Dollly :) 

On 2/27/2021 at 10:43 PM, mdachs said:

m6 2/50IV apx100new

What a wonderful abstract Klaus :) 

On 2/27/2021 at 10:44 PM, Kl@usW. said:

Shrubs at the riverbank # lost track, maybe 6? 

Oly 4 ti, 3,5/50; Pan F, Rodinal. 

This is a superb photo Steve :) 

18 hours ago, Ouroboros said:

Two hawthorns, guardians of The Other World.
May Hill, Gloucestershire.

The hawthorn tree is significant in folklore.

Hasselblad 503cw
Zeiss 50mm distagon Cfi
Tri-X in Rodinal


Great shot Phil. I really like the colours, the lines and the compressed perspective. And the dog :) 

6 hours ago, stray cat said:

Nikon F5, 200-500mm, Portra 800

Very intriguing Rog. I really like the muted palette.

10 hours ago, Ernest said:

M-A APO 50 Fuji Natura 1600 & ADOX Color Implosion


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Hi everyone, my first contribution.  Sorry but i dont have any scanner so a snap of the print with the ipad.  M4-p 35 summicron asph delta 400 dd-x printed on ilford art 300 12 x 18 on 16 x 20 with a focomat 2c in the walk-in and then drum processed in my kitchen.  (My wife is wonderfull).  A lone white ficus in the amazonian forest 3 hours down river from iquitos... near the brazilian border.  

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3 minutes ago, lekitr said:

Hi everyone, my first contribution.  Sorry but i dont have any scanner so a snap of the print with the ipad.  M4-p 35 summicron asph delta 400 dd-x printed on ilford art 300 12 x 18 on 16 x 20 with a focomat 2c in the walk-in and then drum processed in my kitchen.  (My wife is wonderfull).  A lone white ficus in the amazonian forest 3 hours down river from iquitos... near the brazilian border.  

welcome! looking forward to lots more from you.

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16 minutes ago, stray cat said:

Ken - these are lovely pictures, but the lower third of your scans is out of focus. is something in your scanning system not lining up properly?


Thanks, Phil. That must be it! I was using a different system for 35mm and didn't check the spirit level. 

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vor 18 Minuten schrieb benqui:

Leica M-A, 1.4/50 Summilux (I), Adox CHS 100 II

I used the Adox 100 for the first time and I really like the results.


Fine with the Summilux (i think it fits to film).

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