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I like film...(open thread)

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This photo is from a series from some of my crazy, extreme photo adventures I  had photographing Mountains "Alpinists " and rock climbers. This is Alpes mountain range which is called   "Le Massive du Mont Blanc", Haût Savoir region  In France.  And this place is a White valley ( La Vallee Blanche - Chamonix ) the most beautiful region You must visit. I was very brave enough to carry my Medium format two lenses/ meters/ and a Canon EOS and a 50mm, a lot of films No tripod/ It is crazy when I thi

Bonjour Henri,   I still prefer black and white film (I use almost no colour). The advantages of digital don’t mean much to me. Seeing instant results is not so useful, since what comes out of a camera is always far from a final result, and the final result requires time and thought.   Film also continues to improve. The quality of available film and developers is as good as it has ever been, and it is still as competent as digital sensors of equivalent size.   I also much prefer silver g

On a week-long stay at the Faroe Islands, I took the ferry from Torshavn (the 'capital') to the southernmost island, Suduroy, and looked up potential shooting locations on the island. This image was taken a little before the sun was setting in the ocean, with wind from the west (left). With the uplift of the humid air at the cliffs, fog and clouds drifted over the island. A quite typical situation for the islands; the ocean can be more or less cloud free, but the islands are generally covered in

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vor 2 Minuten schrieb verwackelt:

Good to know, my experience with push/pull C41 films  is back in the film days when they were not scanned but enlarged on paper.
At that times we had to change the developing times. Nowadys with film scanning the workflow seems to be easier.

Yes, I think that's the difference: the scanner will compensate for the increased density--but you still have enough details in the shadows and the lights. 

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3 hours ago, Suede said:

Setting up shop at the Barjac antiques market.   [Silvermax 100]

What is that?, a fish shaped umbrella stand? I must have it.  Certainly "Rare."



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vor 14 Minuten schrieb Kl@usW.:

Yes, I think that's the difference: the scanner will compensate for the increased density--but you still have enough details in the shadows and the lights. 

Then i will give overexposing a try because i do not have a wet darkroom anymore and i started to "scan" with my mirrorless...

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Regarding exposure of C41 films, both colour and black and white (XP2 Plus). Klaus is absolutely correct and his advice should be followed. MOST C41-process films are actually happy to have a touch more exposure - generally one stop (ie exposing 400 iso film as if it were 200 iso) is the sweet spot. I’ve exposed XP2 Super at 100 iso with excellent results. Back in the ‘90s when I was at photo school we ran tests on most of the professional C41 stocks and most would happily take 2-3 stops of overexposure. They tend not to be all that happy with under exposure, though - so a one-stop OVERexposure also gives you a little bit of insurance in ensuring that doesn’t happen. And to be clear, the lab doesn’t need to know - just normal C41 processing is what is best. 

What you can expect with a 1-2 or even 3 stop overexposure of C41 emulsions is increased shadow detail and  richer, more saturated colours. Highlights will be retained in all but extreme cases (where they well might exceed the density range of the film anyway). Your scanner will handle it no problem, as will your enlarger if you are so inclined - exposure times will be just slightly longer than they would be otherwise to compensate for the slightly denser negatives. As Klaus points out, Ektar 100 is the exception to all this for whatever reason and must be exposed at 100 iso.

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12 hours ago, mdachs said:

m6 2/50IV apx100new

Searching for feed and a lesson perhaps, scratch the surface a bit and don't take things for granted.

12 hours ago, Kl@usW. said:

Shrubs at the riverbank # lost track, maybe 6? 

Oly 4 ti, 3,5/50; Pan F, Rodinal. 

Just a few lines and a range of tone are enough to set my mind free and grant imagination free flight. Me, I'm satisfied to loose track. 

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21 hours ago, Krusty said:


i like this picture and the colors. When i want to shoot portra 400 @ 200 what do i need to take care of? at development you cannot take care of anything because it is c41. but afterwards? Do i have to do something with my Scanner-Programm (Vuescan) or my conversion tool (Negative Lab Pro) ? Or do i just have to handle it as it would be exposed at ISO 400 ? And why is this picture not overexposed?


Thank you

If I may to add my two cents. 

You can push/pull color films as like as B&W. The only thing that changes is development time. It's simple mathematics where you have to include 2 variables: speed (push/pull/normal) AND number of film developed (here I am talking about self-developed color film). Take into account that pull is not recommended to more than half-stop.

I developed my color films by myself with CineStill Cs41. It's really not so hard. Just created table where I calculated all timing. There app for iPhone (I don't know if it's exist for Android) called Lab Timer for color photography with templates (like Massive Dev for B&W). Here table you can use for color development:

Push +1
(2x ISO)
Push +2
(4x ISO)
Push +3
(8x ISO)
Pull -1
(½ ISO)
1 3:30 4:33 6:08 8:45 2:45
2 3:34 4:38 6:15 8:56 2:49
3 3:38 4:44 6:23 9:06 2:52
4 3:43 4:49 6:31 9:17 2:55
5 3:47 4:56 6:38 9:28 2:59
6 3:52 5:01 6:46 9:40 3:03
7 3:56 5:07 6:54 9:51 3:06
8 4:01 5:14 7:03 10:03 3:10
9 4:06 5:20 7:11 10:15 3:13
10 4:11 5:26 7:20 10:28 3:17
11 4:16 5:33 7:28 10:40 3:21
12 4:21 5:40 7:37 10:53 3:25
13 4:26 5:46 7:46 11:06 3:29
14 4:32 5:53 7:56 11:19 3:34
15 4:37 6:00 8:05 11:33 3:38
16 4:43 6:07 8:15 11:47 3:42
17 4:48 6:15 8:25 12:01 3:47
18 4:54 6:22 8:34 12:15 3:51
19 5:00 6:30 8:46 12:30 3:56
20 5:06 6:38 8:56 12:45 4:01
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15 hours ago, Krusty said:


for me my first Leica was the Q (Typ 116) and after that i stumbled into the analog but with Leica R4 and the Leica CL. Do you think that MyFilmLab does something different when they read „shot @ ISO 200“ on a 400 Film (i mean a Pull development) or do they just process as it would be shot at ISO 400 ? Is push / pull only common on B/W or C41 development as well? Do you know if discounters (DM, Rossmann, ) also are able to push / pull develop film?

Just wanted to add that if you are going to develop color film by yourself take into account that mixed chemistry (in my case Cinestill CS41 liquid) lasts about 4 month and can be squeezed to process 30 rolls. Make sure that mixed chemistry stored in dark cool place.

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