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Doc Henry

I like film...(open thread)

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and ektachrome again, couple of pics along the "beach" in vis, croatia ... there is a pebble beach with lots of services but people like what looks like old docks ... water was great as were the people ..


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This is really good Steve. And a slide film is the perfect choice for such a scene. 

8 hours ago, sblitz said:

next two, ektachrome, from the island of Korcula, reputed  birthplace of Marco Polo ... 


Excellent Christoph. I also like to see that Fomapan delivers the same lovely halos that Double-X does. Adds a great atmosphere methinks. 

37 minutes ago, christoph_d said:

The Strasbourg autumn mood continued...

M3, 50, Foma400

I used to live in Bosnia 20 years ago and would go almost every weekend in the summer to Dubrovnik. The benefit of a recent war is the lack of tourists. It was pretty amazing to have that old town to oneself. When I was back two years ago I was shocked to see the town literally flooded by cruise ship tourists pouring in through the gates. 

7 hours ago, sblitz said:

here is another and that's it for tonight ... don't want to be to overload 


Nice and spooky :)

8 hours ago, hillavoider said:

the dark theme 

JCH film 


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Am 1.8.2019 um 07:18 schrieb Ernest:

Totally notorious--read Die Verwandlung from the end! Now, you are a film editor, too! The blossoming of the family, especially Greta, fast on the death of poor Gregor, discarded as so much foul debris by the charwoman. One problem, though it didn't get in the narrative way of Sunset Boulevard, recounting the drama from the dead screenwriter's POV--with Gregor dead, his POV narrative is problematic. Never mind. So let's do something like a Raymond Chandler and open with Gregor's demise and continue with Greta and her unstated good prospects for finding a man. This, then, underscores the irony of the health and well-being of the family becoming more vital as Gregor declines and dies. Flash back to the beginning, now. The complexity of this duality is emphasized even from the very beginning when simultaneously Gregor provides the point of view, which alternates with the objective point of view watching and reporting on Gregor himself. In other words, the subjective alternates with the objective. It is notable that the window through which Gregor views the outside world only affords him a blurred vision--Philip is watching this--obscured by rain, a signpost that surrealism and realism are likewise blurred. Much to be ventured in Carolin Duttlinger's Kafka and Photography (Oxford P.) A daring enterprise, reading Die Verwandlung in reverse, two steps back, then one forward, thinking of Memento? Maybe we gear up The Penal Colony with tattoos?

A very complex storyboard you are suggesting--but absolutely adequate. I'm impressed.  I´wonder-again 😊-what script Kafka himself would have made, the avid movie goer he was ( "Im Kino gewesen. Geweint"--was at the movies. wept. )  I´ll try to smuggle Die Verwandlung into my holiday suitcase, just to refresh the memory. Did you read :  Kafka goes to the movies by Hanns Zischler ? it seems to be a classic in it´s genre--have to order a german copy, there seems to be a new edition-it comes with a DVD containing the films K. saw... 


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Am 31.7.2019 um 18:23 schrieb jcraf:

The Oberbaumbrücke and the icy Spree, Berlin.

MP, 24 Elmarit-M Asph, Tri-X.

your pictures, a bit grainy and on the dark side, capture the mood of these days nicely. +++

Am 31.7.2019 um 20:07 schrieb Sparkassenkunde:

A scene from Prague. I saw this mural and wanted some people in my composition. So I waited. Then I saw the couple moving into my frame and thought this could be a nice picture. The girl was even wearing a nice red jacket! I thought everything went well. Until I held the exposed slide in my hands and found the smoking man 🤣

M4-P - Cron 35 - Agfa CT 100 Precisa

James, very nice. I know the problem very well myself--You are waiting for a long time, anticipating the "perfect shot"-and by comes delivery car, group of people absolutely unbefitting--but I think the guy is ok, it gives the picture an edge.... 

Am 31.7.2019 um 20:40 schrieb AntonioF:

Ceglie Messapica

Canon A1, 50/2 FD, HP5@1600

20190731-DSC03294 by antoniofedele, on Flickr

Very nice , Antonio. And the HP5 @ 1600 is amazingly good--considered the bright light. BTW my lab recommends EI 1000 for HP5 because of the grain -you prove it can be done differently

vor 20 Stunden schrieb JMF:

Au Père Lachaise by JM__, on Flickr

SWC +  Ektachrome 64 converted to BW

Wow JMF, you brought home some impressive pictures from Pere Lachaise... the SWC  and the grainy film adding to the pleasurable outcome. 


vor 8 Stunden schrieb sblitz:

next two, ektachrome, from the island of Korcula, reputed  birthplace of Marco Polo ... 


 the silhouette makes it an interesting picture

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