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Doc Henry

I like film...(open thread)

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1 hour ago, philipus said:

50/1.8AI Portra 400 (EI800) X1

This is fantastic, Philip. Took me a moment to work out what was going on... a sense of mystery pervades... striking and compelling.

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7 hours ago, Ernest said:

No Go Mountain
M-A APO 50 & Summilux-M 50  Portra 400

This, for me, was a clear instance of (I forget the technical term) seeing something that is not there. Mount Rushmore, in this case. It was not until I came back and looked a second time that I realized it had happened to me.  I cannot believe George, Abe, Teddy, and Tom are not there.



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This thread is moving really fast. Coming back after 10 days I´m completely struck by the amount and the quality of the pictures. Of all the pictures.  So please excuse the space I claim with my answers and comment... 

Am 23.5.2019 um 12:01 schrieb Wayne:

Exa, Ludwig Meritar 50/2.9, Fuji Superia 100

beautiful assemblage of greens

Am 24.5.2019 um 05:30 schrieb A miller:

Back to pushed Portra 400 and strangers 😆

5th Avenue

M-A, 28mm elmarit pre-asph

there must be a very special light in NY,  film-and theater like... and you make great use of it. 

Am 24.5.2019 um 15:51 schrieb NW67:

Daddys little girl

Etkar 100


now, this dog looks pampered... 

Am 24.5.2019 um 15:52 schrieb NW67:

Went for a walk at the boat lagoon this afternoon 503CW Etkar 100

very nice series you made in the boat lagoon...capturing the special mood in the square format. 

Am 24.5.2019 um 16:34 schrieb christoph_d:

A New York lady of French descent. (I am always amazed at the image quality one can achieve with the "old" Elmar 135)

M4-P, 4/135, Ektar100

great color contrast. I think the 135 is underrated-you show how to use it. 

Am 25.5.2019 um 00:48 schrieb Ernest:

Red Check III
M-A APO 50 ADOX Color Implosion

Ouch, drama and pain ! Or is it passion and fever ? 

Am 25.5.2019 um 08:05 schrieb benqui:

And a new scanner Adam! Since I am more or less completely analog, I needed a scanner and found the Braun FS-120  (also for medium format). It is much easier than I thought and it makes live much easier....


Am 25.5.2019 um 08:37 schrieb Xícara de Café:

Steps of a Shin Buddhist temple in Brasilia. Leica IIIf, Summicron 5cm 1:2 collapsible, Ilford Delta 100, Kodak D-76 1+1:


I like the strong geometry of this picture. Fine lab job as before...

Am 25.5.2019 um 20:58 schrieb Wayne:

The starling: Generally despised by the public.......and by myself; as I move through this life, I have to re-evaluate things, the starling being one of them. It is a wonder of the animal kingdom.... Sort of a feathered cockroach.......and unashamed. :)

Zeiss Contessa, Fuji Superia 100

I can´t recognize if it´s really a starling--however: great color space. Very nice indeed

Am 25.5.2019 um 23:13 schrieb sblitz:

Saturday in Central Park, the Great Lawn, families enjoying spring FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fuji 645S 60mm fixed mount lens, Portra 400 ...



sblitz, you captured the joys of a summerday perfectly ! 

Am 26.5.2019 um 05:29 schrieb Ernest:

Found Photo-notes
M-A APO 50 & Thambar-M  ADOX Color Implosion & Portra 400

A filmmaker's Photo-notes for a film he didn't make, unfortunately. There was a report about radioactivity, but it was unverified, the report and the radioactivity. Look at the grass. Weeping. It was more a case of too much fiction leaking into the present tense without subtitles. If there were subtitles, even the text would be suspect, and nothing usual to be rounded up. There was, however, a restaurant napkin scribbled with a note about Tacita Dean's preoccupation with green flash. All, very shady.

Wow, Rog, this is really impressive. And the legend you supply is absolutely convincing. 

Am 26.5.2019 um 11:42 schrieb joergel:


Leica M6 - Summicron 2/35 - Ektar100

perfect symmetry in bold Ektar colors... nice. 


Am 27.5.2019 um 04:15 schrieb Ernest:

Chroma Vignette
M-A APO 50  ADOX Color Implosion, Portra 400, E100

Thomas Bewick was an engraver known for the end-grain wood engraving he used in carving vignettes he popularized in the British Romantic period. The vignette style he innovated, an illustration with blurred edges, is significant in that it echoes the indeterminacy of British Romantic fragment poetry, verse that was purposely ambiguous in beginnings and endings. The hallmark of the fragment poem was to prompt the reader to create in the imagination that which was implied or missing. It is interesting to note the parallel with the photograph vignette, as opposed to optical vignetting.

Rog, I completely agree, no matter if it is poetry or photography, the should always be ambiguity and  enough space for imagination. Your color fields do this perfectly on an abstract level, others, say @benqui show the same in their field.

Am 29.5.2019 um 04:41 schrieb A miller:



Practising for Christopher street day ? Great shot. Leaves enough space for questions and imagination.. 

Am 29.5.2019 um 17:51 schrieb joergel:

Back to the serious things ;)



Leica M6 - Summicron 2/35 - yellow filter - TMAX100 -D76

Very nice Jörg, I love your quiet landscapes. 

Am 30.5.2019 um 03:33 schrieb Ernest:

Moment Hinges Unhinged
M-A APO 5O E100

As I said, I love these colors..these are the colors you encounter in different seas and oceans


Am 31.5.2019 um 02:55 schrieb A miller:

One of my new interests is "commercial voyeurism."  This is a dry run with Ektar.  There is tons of detail and you can see some of the people very clearly in the offices and what they are doing.  The Ektar was just too slow, though, and many of the people were removed due to the motion.  Despite the long exposure (2 minutes +) it was surprising to see so many people in good sharpness at their desks.  Slaves they are!!!  I am thinking that I should aim for the early onset of the sunset when there is still a bit more outside light and slide film with good reciprocity failure tolerance, like Provia 100F, so that I can expose for the highlights and get a much faster exposure.

More to come... :)

Financial District, NYC

Ektar 6x17

180mm Schneider APO Symmar

Technorama 617siii

very interesting Adam, I´m looking forward for more of this. 

Am 2.6.2019 um 11:23 schrieb stray cat:

I've been revisiting some of my earlier Kodachromes. Kodachrome X, which became Kodachrome 64, was my main colour film through my early shooting days of the 1970s. The building in this picture has been replaced by a far more modern one, but I'm pleased to say the sign survived:

Carrum Bowling Club 1975

Canon TLb, FD 24mm f2.8 SSC, Kodachrome X

fantastic stray cat. Are you channeling Raymond Chandler? The hard boiled private eye waiting behind the reflecting window-waiting for the mysterious and beautiful woman asking for more than one favour ? Now it´s your turn, @benqui😀

Am 2.6.2019 um 16:23 schrieb Steve Ricoh:

Five Birds - Lomography 800CN Redscaled at EI200, Leica M6 35mm f/2

some dystopian birds, surviving on the  completely polluted beach.

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1 hour ago, stray cat said:

South West Rocks, NSW 2002

Nikon F90X, AF Nikkor 20-35mm f2.8, Agfa RSX-II 100


Great colour! I love South West Rocks, I could retire there in a decade or so very easily, and just wander around taking photos

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vor 6 Stunden schrieb Kl@usW.:

perfect symmetry in bold Ektar colors... nice


Very nice Jörg, I love your quiet landscapes


Thanks a lot, Klaus.

Regards Jörg

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