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Doc Henry

I like film...(open thread)

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vor einer Stunde schrieb Steve Ricoh:

This has to be B&W photography at its best!

Thank you Steve, I very appreciate that

Best regards / Jakob

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4 hours ago, Tmx said:

R7, ApoTelyt 180mm , XP2 @ 1.600, HC-110


Really beautiful, Jakob!

2 minutes ago, andreas_gräbner said:

R8 Elmarit 90 Paradies 100

Interesting film with lovely colors.  Don't think I've ever come across that before

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Am 10.1.2019 um 01:16 schrieb A miller:

Thanks, Steve.  I am less discerning than you, I guess.  I love pastels (especially with family photos, as it really gives a classic look, see my attached from last

Ha ha, I know this kind of family photos: after two photos my wife says: "do your thing, but do it fast. Oh man, is this again a new camera?" "No, it isn't, they all look the same". "I think it is a new one. Was the other camera not silver? Does this one making better photos of me?" "I don't think so, maybe you give me a try". Meanwhile my kids say: "taking photos with this kind of camera, really a bit embarrassing for us. I hope nobody knows us here"

Sometimes life is not that easy....

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