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Doc Henry

I like film...(open thread)

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Beautiful!  Love the diagonal line through the middle.  

As above


Fantastic B&W.  It's all about the form and you've composed it just right.


baltic sea | rügen




nikon f6 | trix-d76



This is a great one, Wayne.



M6, 35 Summilux, Tasma 130 (USSR) long expired.


Wow, love the blue sky.  Thanks for sharing and hope you'll do so more often!!

From an infrequent contributor who much admires the thoughts and pictures in this thread.

Sicilian tongue.


M3; 5cm/3.5 Elmar, Ektar, Pakon


Love it, Martin!

Leica M3 with Leica 50/2, Ilford PanF+ 50 film developed in D-76 (1:1)




Awesome, Steve.  Love the old fashioned mood.

outside the Leica Gallery Sao Paulo Brazil .... Leica MA 50mm summilux Tri-X --


Beautiful, Don!  Thanks for sharing this!!


I do remember Scala, I still have 9 rolls in fridge.


This is one I took long ago Pasadena Bridge in SoCal.


Hasselblad 500cm approx 1:30 minutes at 200


SCAN 4 reduced 1.jpg





WOW, look at those highlights!!!  Film!!

Pentax MX, Plustek Scan

Harley by -Steve Ricoh-

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