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Mini M? [MERGED] AKA X-Vario


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I'm going to guess it's a fixed lens full frame with live view only similar to the Sony RX-1.


If it had a fixed lens I believe Leica would have called it an X something.


I believe it will be an M with no rangefinder. Same sensor. Probably no built in eye level viewfinder, but with the optional EVF (or rear LCD) for framing.

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here's what i found on Overgaard's site based on Stefan Daniel's comments about this camera in 2010...apparently it's been in the works for a LONG time.




"A Leica mini-M seem to be under development and will - according to Stefan Daniel at a speech back in September 2010- not be ready for Photokina 2012... So we are talking later than that. But what we do know is that they are aiming at a mirrorles camera (the Leica M has always been mirrorless, but we're probably talking CMOS sensors that will enabe live view and thus focus confirmation). This camerea will also contain the R-solution which means that it will be able to take R lenses and offer focus confirmation for these."

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… but as the “M” in “Leica M” stands for “Messsucher” (Rangefinder), removing the rangefinder would be sort of … well. Weird?




Leica has already considered this problem...



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