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M240 JPGs and Aperture

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My M240 came back from Solms yesterday after the strap lug recall and I took a few test shots. I then realised the camera was set to the default JPG Fine instead of the RAW I normally use.


When I tried to import the JPG files into Aperture I discovered they were not visible from within Aperture. The files were there and I copied them to the desktop. Again, I could not import them.


At first I suspected a problem with Aperture and fired off a thread to the Apple Aperture discussion. Only later did I think to try a card from another camera and discovered everything was working properly. In the meantime I had done some RAW shots with the M and was surprised to find them appearing in Aperture as normal. I have since replicated this with another SD card and conclude that while RAW files are recognised, JPGs are not seen by the software.


To my further surprise I found that the JPGs which were not recognised by Aperture would happily import to iPhoto.


I cannot remember whether I ever shot JPG with the M before it went back to Solms, so I have no way of knowing for sure if this is something new. I am completely baffled and would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.



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In the Import dialogue of Aperture is a drop down menu which might be set to "Only import RAW". Did you check this?Holger

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I am waiting for my M but see Apple have yet to include a specific RAW profile for the M. Have you used a profile of your own, or does Aperture use a generic profile? I have found the Aperture profile for the M9 excellent and hope in time they develop a M profile that is as good. Is there a known reason for a delay in Apple developing the RAW converter for the M?

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Aperture works with the M DNG files no problem.


I think you shouldn check the right hand side of the 'import' screen and as the chap said above make sure you've selected something other than 'raw only'

And also if you've already imported them- make sure you have not ticked 'do not import duplicates'


Can't see any other reason why it won't work.

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