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Leica lens or Sony camera: part 2


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I will soon have my new M and several Leica lenses. After selling my M9, I bought a Sony Nex to fill in while I wait for my M. I currently have my 90 cron on the Nex. With the smaller Sony sensor, I figure the lens is roughly a 120mm length. I have the a Leica 135 f3.4 on order. So now the choice:


1) Keep the Nex and use it with the 90 Cron. This is much cheaper and have f/2.




2) Sell the Nex and add the 135 f/3.4 to my bag



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I think the answer depends entirely on how well the 90mm performs on the NEX as it relates to your needs. On a side note the effective depth of field for is increased on a crop sensor camera so your getting a larger dof on the NEX with the 90 than you will on the M.

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I have the Nex 5 but I am thinking of getting the Nex 7.


So which will have less DoF - 90 on the Nex or 135 on the M?


Both have the equivalent focal length of 135mm.


The 90 on the NEX will have shallower DOF than the Leica 135mm f/3.4


You just multiply the f-stop as well. Equiv DOF will act like a 135mm f/3 on the 90 but will gather light like an f/2.


For another example an f/1 noct would act like a 75mm f/1.5 in terms of equivalent DOF but would still have the advantage of an f/1 lens in terms of light gathering.

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