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Probably 90mm Tele-Elmarit 2.8 broken!!


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Hi everybody,i've a big problem with my 90mm 2.8 tele-elmarit.Every photo i take with the m-e is out of focus...heavily out of focus.When i look inside the viewfinder is all ok and the focus ring makes his job but every photos are out of focus.

Now i started to ear something inside the lens...like a little piece of plastic moving inside....but i'm not sure.My question is:do you think is a good idea to repair it?

And what do you think about he problem that the lens does't focus correctly...is there anybody of you that could know the problem?

Thank you to everybody


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I had a similar problem with a Tele Elmarit (version 1 - the "Fat" model) some 25 years ago, when all pictures were blurry and low contrast. I just stopped using it for 20+ years. Then a few years ago sent it to Gus Lazzari (independent camera repairman) who reported the rear lens group was out of position. After he repaired and cleaned it was again the great lens I bought in 1968. It is certainly worth getting repaired.

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