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blue world


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M9, ISO 160, 35mm, 1/125, polarizer


I already reduced the amount of blue ...

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Lovely scene but also the reason I seldom use a polariser.


Yes, polarizers can overcook blue skies, particularly at altitude. You could try turning the polarizer away from the position of maximum extinction to lessen the effect.

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Bill, Orient, thx for your comments. I like the sky at an altitude of more then 3000m getting the right color. I increased this effect with the polarizer. Concerning sky it is more or less o.k. for me. Concerning snow I have to recognize, that blue is beautiful but is not always seen as natural ...

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A beautiful mountain, great shot. IMO the blue cast is ok,

not everything has to be exactly true to reality, after all this

is art, which gives the artist plenty of leeway.


Thank you for encouraging me. I guess you are right, and it is nearly impossible to reliably describe what was "true". A cold morning in September @3600 meters above see will never give colors respected as "natural". Polarizer or not. However - learned a lot from all comments.

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