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Vuescan workflow question - cropping

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I am scanning a bunch of MF color negatives on my coolscan 9000 using Vuescan.


I set the cropping at "auto."

Then a preview.

The framelines are invariably off, usually outside of the picture.


when I reframe the line to be precisely inside the picture, the colors and brightness tend to change!


then I try to tweak the color and brightness channels to restore the image. but I dont always succeed.


Why to the colors and brightness change when I re-frame the image and what can I do to prevent this?


thanks in advance.



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I use a Coolscan 5000 and Vuescan tends to reconfigure the options depending on the scanner, but for my scanner there is a separate setting for crop framing and to set a buffer zone around the sides for Vuescan to ignore when estimating the white balance and exposure. This allows you to get Vuescan to ignore the black border etc around a scanned slide image (I tend to scan a bit more than the actual image so that I don't loose any of the image due too alignment problems or if it needs when de-skewing later). I'm not sure exactly where the setting is because I'm using the office PC at home. Not sure if the 9000 allows this setting.

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