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MP à la carte top plate

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Hi everyone,


First time poster here. My very first Leica just arrived -- a beautiful, black à la carte MP with the old school vulcanite on the body and a .85 viewfinder -- and it's exactly the way I wanted it to be, except for one thing. I had chosen the standard top plate ("Leica" and a serial number) in my configuration, mostly because I just didn't care what was there and it didn't cost extra, but I received a camera with no engraving at all on the top. The hotshoe has the serial on it, so clearly they just chose that stealth configuration for me.


Aesthetically, this doesn't bother me at all, and I actually think it's quite appealing, but I thought I'd seek out reactions from this dedicated group of people here. Is there a reason I should consider calling customer care, be it principle, long term resale value, or some other potential gain? Maybe I could get them to upgrade to the more expensive classic top plate and nudge the value up a little bit even? Or is nothing worth the additional weeks without the camera? I guess, basically, I want to know what you do when Leica provides a service that's acceptable, but flawed. At this price point, and harmlessness, this is a question of Leica culture more than anything, I think.

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The bare top plate (which it sounds like you prefer) is worth an additional £100 (I think) so you have already received something extra for 'free'. If you'd rather have the standard plate I'm sure Leica will happily swap it for you (albeit it at the cost of inconvenience and time). I see no reason why Leica should feel obliged to offer you the 'Classic' top-plate at no additional expense. As far as resale value goes, I get the sense that ALC bodies are a little harder to sell than standard configurations (depending upon the degree of customisation). At the very least, I don't think the extra cost of aesthetic choices such as top plates and body covering are recouped when it comes to resale. Presumably you've bought the camera to enjoy for many years so I wouldn't be concerned about resale value.


It is a bit sloppy of Leica to have got your order wrong but personally, if I was happy with the camera, I'd not bother contacting customer services about it.

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