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E55 Filter Snap-on Cap


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Just a suggestion. On my 21-35 zoom I have a slimline B+W UV protective filter (slimline to help to avoid vignetting) which, because it is slimliine, has the same problem. Instead I have to use the push-on cap that came with the filter. You could perhaps see if B+W will sell an E55 push-on cap? Whether the outside diameter of your filter will match with the cap I'm not sure though.

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My filter is made by Leica. I am (was?) sure that Leica would have a fitting snap-on cap for this diameter. Should be the same as fitting any other 55mm diameter Leica lens, should it not?


Unless it's a slimline type design that originally came with it's own push-on cap.


Unfortunately my original suggestion may not be such a good one. I've just tried a B+W E67 push-on cap on a Leica E67 filter, and it's loose as the external diameters are not the same - the same problem may therefore arise with E55 Leica vs. B+W filters Sorry - don't know what else to suggest.

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I keep E55-size polarizing filter on my 60mm f/2.8 Macro-Elmarit-R most of the time, so the original front cap doesn't stay on, as it's not deep enough. What would be the alternative Leica snap-on front cap that I could use on the filter instead? Please and thanks.


Hello Captain Yooh.


I have now replaced all my Leica lens caps (for safe keeping) with Pro-master clip on.

They are very good, once clipped on they stay on, also much cheaper then Leica caps.


The benifits are also that on my 80-200, 28-90, and the 180mm the lens hood slips over the Lens cap with no problems unlike the Leica one, also my 21-35 has a clip on lens hood but it it's also no problem either.


The 28-90, 21-35 and the 180mm have a B&W UV filters as well as my 67mm Polarizing filter that I use on these lenses with no problem with the Pro-master lens cap it hangs on the B&W Polarizing filter.


I hope this helps.



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