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Recommend a printer in Hertfordshire

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Does anyone know a good printer in the UK that will be able to do a large B&W print (my epson 3880 can do 17" width and most papers are avaialbe in A2 which is 16.5)


Ideally I would like a choice of paper and be able to effectively just 'use' the printer, by that I mean cover all the settings in LR and send this file to the printer. Any suggestions would help

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What sort of print are you looking for? B&W or colour? C type print or silver? Is price an issue?


If you want a C type print, then a Durst Lambda service will fit the bill. Michael Dyer in Central London does a lot of high end printing for exhibitions etc

Michael Dyer - the home of quality photographic and display imaging from transparencies, negatives or digital

They can also convert your digital file into 10x8 film for traditional wet printing if that's your endpoint. I haven't used them myself, but was given their name by Robin Bell, when I spoke to him about printing.



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