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M5 Improvement

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After getting an M5 after 50 years of M4/M6 use, I really like the camera, except for the shutter release. As the release first slowly retracts the meter cell, it has a longer travel and has to push down lower into the collar than I'm used to from my other M cameras, so the shutter doesn't act when I expect it to. I tried a few "soft release" buttons and found most of them too thick, so the release got too sensitive and I released the shutter before I intended. But I finally found a thin mini release that makes it just right. Of course, it's from China, but is a nice all-metal button in black that looks like it belongs on the M5. It works very well for me. Found it on the auction site, as a #CAM9012.

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I'm using TA's softreleases on all Ms, including the M5 now. I agree on its a little strange shutter travel, but got used to it. Actually reassuring to feel the metering arm moving out of light's way :rolleyes: Not noticing this when snapping, though.

Most direct (brutal?) release is... the RD-1. Nicest I find the M3.



P.S.: and since it really changed my handling and appreciation of the camera: a mini softrelease for the R7

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