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Recalibrating lens focus: timing and cost


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Hello everyone, folks!


I need your help/advice about the following matter:

I succumbed a GAS attack and bought an Elmarit 28 Asph to extend the qualities of my Summaron to wider apertures. Wrong move as I bought mine on line with no return possibility. The lens is physically in mint condition but badly misfocusing.


I contacted Leica Customer Service and they told me that I should send it to the repair center for proper recalibration together with the M9 body. As I mentioned in my request that the M9 body focus perfectly also difficult lenses such as the Summicron 90 AASPH they told me to send this one too.


So here are the questions:


1 - It is my understanding that they *should* not recalibrate the lens(es) and the body to match each other but to bring them all within standard tolerances. Am I right? If not this would mean that I should actually ship all of my lenses and that they would be specifically calibrated to my body and that an hypothetical future owner might have lower performances on a different body, correct?


2 - Is there anyone who went through a similar experience and can advise how long the repair might take? I'm asking as I'm not too happy with the idea of parting from my camera for an unspecified period.


3 - Leica Customer Service didn't specify any cost as they would do only upon receiving the items. Is there anyone who can advise how much I should expect to pay if there were no further complications?


Thanks in advance,


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In point one the reason they will want you to send both the body and 90mm is because they could both be out of adjustment, yet both cancel each other out and work perfectly together. Which would mean a perfect 28mm Elmarit still wouldn't work. Leica want to eliminate this possibility which saves time in the long run.



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I recently had a 90mm Tele-Elmarit calibrated at Leica NJ and if I recall correctly it was on the order of $200. Of course if they have to replace parts, or do more extensive work, your mileage may vary. Oh, and timing... That took about 3 or 4 weeks, but they currently have my Summilux 50 (warranty paid calibration) which will be done next week. It has been there 7 weeks.

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