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Street: Joel Meyerowitz shooting on Fifth Ave in 1982


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I've seen this video more than a few times.


I'm attracted to some photographers because of their images.


In this case, what moves me is the passion and enthusiasm.


He is certainly living the dream and in many ways is an inspiration.


The street genre is so dang tough.


You have to respect the path he chose, and his dogged determination.


Tommorrow, I'll spend the afternnon shooting along our streets and boardwalk.


This was good tonic for the soul.




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...are you being ironic? I just see a video of a fella out on the street with a camera taking random pictures...would it be the same if he was using a Minolta, in Omaha?...


Hell, no, there's no irony involved. You need to listen to watch JM says, look at his pictures (which you can't do especially well in that video clip, as it happens), and perhaps most importantly _think_ about what he says.


JM is one of the most illuminating writers and speakers about photography there is, in my view. Have a look at his little book in the Phaidon 55 series. Each picture is followed by a few words -- literallly just a few words -- and each is thought-provoking, instructive, illuminating.

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