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The perspective will be the same if, as Jaap says, you don't move. But the field of view will be different. For example, my Mamiya 6 (6x6 Medium Format) with a 75 mm lens has approximately the same horizontal FoV as a 50mm lens and approximately the same vertical FoV as a 35mm lens on my 35 mm cameras.

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Perspective can be defined as the relationship between the different planes present in the scene.


Imagine you are 2 meters away from one person, who is 0,5 m in front of another person.


This relationship (the size of the 1st person in comparison with the size of the 2nd person) won't change regardless of the angle of view.


In a 2nd situation, where you are 0,5 m away from the 1st person, the relationship between both persons is completely different: the 1st appears to be much larger than the 2nd.


And in a 3rd case, where you are 4 m away, the 2 persons appear to be nearly at the very same distance.



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Within the angle of view of a 35mm lens on a M9, you can count on minimal distortion either from a 35mm Leica lens or a 50mm medium format lens.


A 50mm lens for a medium format SLR would probably have fractionally more distortion (within that angle of view) than a f/2.8 or f/2 35mm lens for a rangefinder camera, but not enough to make a difference in general photography.

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Perspective is solely dependent on where you view the motif from. ie. the distance between you and the motif.


It has nothing to do with lens focal length or aperture or anything to do with any lens.


Perspective exists completely without a camera or lens.


this topic can lead into lens use in relation to perspective, but the OP did not ask for it.

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