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One more from the Forgetten Files: Yosemite Valley


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Last Spring, under very cloudy skies. Originally I thought there was too much glare in the sky for this image to be any good, but...I am giving it another try. C&C welcome.


Wouldn't it be nice to live in that cabin?

M8, 35 'cron, LR4.


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This is quite lovely with the clouds, reflections and clarity. I have been to Yosemite twice (the second time doesn't count because of a massive forest fire). I found the first time, I had a difficult time getting truly good pictures because of the enormity of the park. I got some good slides but none that really done it justice. The second time there, I had a 4x5 view camera and a better idea what I wanted to do, but the smoke from the forest fire was so thick, we had to leave without any photography.



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This is out of site__breath taking beautiful!


You have out-done yourself for this day! WOW!


With your OK, like to download into collection?


Mein Gott in Himmel !







Makes one wish to go camping there right now.

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K.-H., Paul, doppelwurst, George, Stuart, Iduna, and everyone who gave this a thumbs up,


Thank you so much!!! I am encouraged by your generous comments. You are teaching me to look twice before I discard an image.


Karl, I was thinking that one could have one of those propeller planes; after all there is plenty of room for landing and take-off :D right in front of that cabin -call it flyway instead of driveway!


Paul, it's very interesting that your first visit experience mirrors mine closely. I remember being overwhelmed and running around clueless as to how I could photograph this place. It took many trips to calm down and get to know the place. It is a long process. We usually go to the Valley during Spring Break, and then to the upper Yosemite (Tuolomne Meadows) in late summer. Each part and time has a different rhythm and feel to it. Your second time was most unfortunate to coincide with the fires. It is a menace in the West/Southwest. I hope you can plan out another trip to make up for it all.


George, I am delighted that you liked this enough to want a copy. And thank you for asking. You are welcome to download, of course.


All the best,


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