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Magnifying an image on rear LCD...M240


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Hi All,


Quick question for those that have the new M. When viewing a image in rear LCD, what is the procedure for zooming in (magnifying) the image? I presume it requires the pressing or holding down of one of the rear buttons? If so, which one. Related to this, is there the possibility of presenting a particular magnification , so that with a single press of this button, it instantly goes to this magnification (like equivalent to actual pixels)....similar to what can be done (programmed) with the Nikon D800? Thanks.



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You just turn the thumb wheel to zoom in and out and use the button keys to navigate round the image. Pressing the Info button switches between a series of display formats. There's no facility that I'm aware of (and my battery is flat after a heavy morning testing) to preset a level of magnification.

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I greatly appreciate all the responses. The reason I asked and presumed it was different than the M9 that I've always used, is that the silver dial on the rear of the new M is quite small and didn't appear that it was rotatable...ala most Nikon DSLR's. It seems all one could do is either press one of the four directional arrows or press it's middle button.


I would think if was possible to preset a certain level of magnification and then go to that level with a single press of the middle button, it would not only be quick and a time saver but would make it easier while wearing gloves as well as putting less wear and tear on the wheel.


I'm not a programmer but would assume this would be easy to implement through a firmware update.


Dave (D&A)

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The silver wheel is much better than I expected, you just roll your right thumb over it. I would quite like to see it have press action as well for making menu selections but as it is, it's fine.


The middle button takes you through a selection of different formats - full image, histogram, clipping - but I agree it might be possible to go directly to a magnified image as you can with Nikon.

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