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how to shot with bulb mode

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I assume that it is the same as an M6. I use a cable release that locks when I push it down to open the shutter, and unlock it when I want to close the shutter. Most cable releases have this lock, either a set screw or a ring below release.


See here http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5845-REG/General_Brand_SR715_Cloth_Cable_Release_with.html or here http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/37073-REG/Nikon_664_AR_3_Mechanical_Cable_Release.html

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Ooooh... i just HAVE to say this... electronic cameras have "modes." Mechanical cameras have shutter speeds... and "Bulb" is a shutter speed that is controlled by the photographer.


Whew... now that I have that off my chest.... :D


Bulb is simply a setting where the shutter stays open as long as it's depressed. When you take your finger off the shutter release, the shutter closes. For the purposes of most photographers, "Bulb" is best used on a tripod with a cable release if one is doing a long-exposure to minimize camera shake and vibration. It's called "bulb" because in the old days, photographers actually used a pneumatic bulb and hose assembly to activate the shutter release, keeping the shutter open as long as the bulb was compressed in the hand.

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I do a fair amount of "bulb" shutter speed photography.


With my new (to me M7) I burned thru a fresh set of batteries in roughly 5 minutes run time... LOL


I knew there was a reason I preferred mechanical cameras.


My set up is as follows.


Bogen tripod

pan tilt head

thingie to screw into tripod mount on camera which allows me to attach to pan tilt head (has a locking feature)

cheap cable release is a must

Sekonic L358 to measure the light

flash light

One thing I need to add and keep forgetting is a stop watch... which at some point becomes guess work as the light goes completely.


There is some amazing stuff you can do. You are only limited by your imagination.


I have done everything from 2 seconds, 20 seconds, to 20 minutes. A quality tripod and pan tilt head is worth every dollar spent.

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HI all,

got my MP days back. just wondering how to shot with bulb mode?

how to control the shutter time during bulb mode ? press two times or press and release ?


When you press the shutter twice to control the shutter, it's called Time or "T." Usually it was press once to open and again to shut. I have also seen press once to open and twist the shutter dial to close.


In either case, the use of manual cameras was the best way to go in the battery department.



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