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My pet peeve...


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Reviewers who make comments on image quality issues, and who do not provide downloadable Raw files.


Why are they so afraid that someone will steal their pictuers of fenceposts and walls? Is a 1000 pixel , photoshopped jpg supposed to prove anything at all other than the reviewers abilities as a photographer?


I understand that it is desirable to illustrate a review with good pictures, but how about making just ONE picture freely available?

It doesn't have to be the award winning shot.


I have my own workflow, and in order to use a review to base my decision whether to get this or that camera or lens or whatever, I have to have at least one image that i can put my own hands onto.

Particularly since we are talking about equipment that is extremely expensive and not freely available for a home trial.


So big thanks to: Jono Slack and Dr.Roehde!

(and slap on the hand of other reviewers who talk about, but do not show the goods)

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