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New camera, Please be kind to mistakes


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New V LUX 4, c&c welcomed.

The first batch, please be honest and kind.




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A simply delightful family album of your kids. All shots are well arranged with wonderful expressions, great colors, exposure and sharpness. I may be too critical, but the first shot seems to lack the sharpness in the eyes that the others have.



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You have all the birds! We have yet to see even one, we do not know what `bait' you're using but will find out. We come in the night, and sneak around,and usually get lost. But someone, somewhere will help us get birds "sorta"like your's.:cool:


Out shooting some horses tis morning. If they turn out, I'll post, if Not, they will never

leave this Mac.


Keep you posted,



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Well the last one NEVER takes a bad photo. That is Holly the Fearless, the one found as a kitten in a horse stall, she thinks she is a dog!!! Seriously she eats, daily Milk bones with her brothers and HAVE PROOF in pics. Kind to her older DEAF sister feline, but loves to play with the dogs. Those beautiful eyes!


BTW: I need help setting up this new bloody camera or carry a PDF in the field!


AND: Check out a thread called "My favorite Valentine" shot that for you yesterday!



Think of fighter pilots!




Loving the V-LUX4 but still can't get the correct settings. I am so dense at times

and looking at the clock, it is the dense time!!!:eek:

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