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Focusing ring on 50mm summicron jammed


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Focusing ring on my collapsible 50mm summicron f/2 lens is all jammed up after I sent it to Focal Point in USA for glass polishing and re-coating. It doesnt even move a bit after push the focusing tab down.

If you have any experience on how to fix this problem please share it with me.


Thank you very much in advance.




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Welcome to the forum !!!

The focus helicoid of the old Summicron is indeed a bit delicate, and it was largely based on the design used for the Summitar (the Elmar/Hektor used a simpler construction). But in your specific sutation it seems clear that the lab who made the polishing of the glass didn't make a good work (you do not specify... but I suppose that focus movement was ok when you sent to them your lens) : they MUST take care on the issue. I don't know the lab you quote... but, generally speaking, the labs that are REALLY trustable for maintenance of old Leitz items aren't so many... but this forum is a very trustable source of infos about which are the GOOD labs around the world : see for instance here : http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-collectors-historica/133653-repair-specialists.html

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Hi Khan - I've had various work done by John van Stelten at Focal Point and based on my experience I would be very surprised if he wouldn't fix it - have you tried contacting him? That would seem the best course of action. Good luck

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Why not contact John directly - I have had some work done by him with absolutely no issues. He is one of the very few remaining technicians in the US who will re-polish and re-cement lenses and he does indeed stand behind his work





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