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Blacksmith at work


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Blacksmith hamers shape on anvil.



Blacksmith pumps bellows to heat up charcoal forge.



Blacksmith bending red hot iron into hook shape.


Historic Saint Augustine Old Town has a working blacksmith making small items for the gift shop. Here he is making wall hooks for hanging planters.


Leica M9

Processed in Aperture

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Very nice pics indeed! But it's not completely 'lost art', god bless. One of my best friends in USA (for one year the 'kind-of-a-father' for one of my daughters) shoes horses in Lambertville NJ. That business has changed a lot during last twenty years, but he still has and uses (and is training) all the old-fashioned skills of a blacksmith. And what decided his younger son? To be blacksmith, right!


Lenn (Cologne/Germany)

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