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Wearing formic acid perfume to catch these three photos


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Ants emit a distinctive smell from their formic acid. One of the animals we most wanted to see while touring Panama was any anteater species. I joked with Barbara suggesting she wear a perfume that smells of formic acid, but I doubt we would be able to find it in any cosmetics store. But luck was with us when I spotted this northern amandua, a medium sized anteater which is primarily nocturnal but sometimes out during the day. They spend about 30% of their time in trees, which is where we saw this one. Panamanian naturalist guides all seem to be superb for birds, love sharing that expertise, but due to most tourists being interested in birds tend to overlook the mammals and reptiles. I'm amazed that our guide did not spot this animal, and equally amazed I did.


You can see many more Panama photos on our website.



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Very well done. Congratulations on finding one of these guys.

How did you enjoy Panama? I've been through the Canal three times but never got far from the Canal Zone except searching for spare parts in the industrial section of Panama City.

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K-H, Paul, Dopplewurst & Iduna -


George - Thank you. it reminds me of my third grade teacher.


Dave - Thank you. Panama was terrific. The windlife is spectacular, the Panamanians are exceptionally friendly, and sinc ethe Old town has been named a World herritage Site I must return to see it after a year of two of the current refurbishment. You can see a suprising amount of wildlife in the metropolitan park at the edge of Panama City.


Ece - Thank you. I had foprgotten about Zot!




Thank you.

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