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M brochure


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Nobody spotted the error for the M typ 240?


In the sensor design section the caption with the diagrams is repeated at the new design...




Page 22, second diagram.

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In the german version there are two different descriptions for the two diagrams - and I hope they come near to the facts.


So this time it's only the translator. But I am almost sure that they'll correct the error in the brochure's next edition - the German version will follow the English one...

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I just heard from Leica -they will correct it in the next batch.


That's what I feared....


Did you ask about the language of the brochure they'll correct?


The real collector's item will be the first Leica brochure with no hidden mistakes.


Though the worst mistakes are those you don't find out and think something changed when they correct them.


I think the rumour of additional 5mm of the new M was my fault: I compared the measurements of the M with the M9, found 5mm more - and wrote it here. I didn't see that the measurements of the M9 in the data sheet were somewhat wayward - less than the MP...

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