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Hello from Germany!

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum and to be honest: I mainly registered in order to be able to look at the incredible photos that can be found here.

Nevertheless, I'm in the market for a new camera, my Lumix FZ-3 from 2004 has been a fantastic companion, but it's time for something new. My next camera will very likely be a Fuji X-E1, I don't really have the funds for a Leica (although I've got an eye on the used-market) and I'm not sure if a true rangefinder camera is my kind of camera. I've taken shots with my dad's R7 in the past, but I've never handled a Leica M. Still, I think I'm too comfortable for a camera without AF, but one never knows. The idea of adapting MF-lenses with the X-E1 is quite tempting, so maybe I'll find my way into the real Leica-world some day after all.

Looking forward to spending many, many interesting hours on this forum. :D

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Hello und willkommen,


Before taking the plunge with an M, hijack the R7 more often, try some films and locations and share the results! It's a great camera (got one, too) and takes outstanding lenses -- so nothing to hinder taking strong photos ;-) And then you can adapt the Leica R lenses to your Fuji. Should you not want to get your own Leica (film) camera before... Did I say that there was not just gear talk here? :rolleyes:





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Thanks for the welcome!

I don't think I'll use the R7, as I've moved away from film 9 years ago. I really appreciate being able to see the results straight away. Besides, I've got whole cupboards full of slides and old photo albums. Any more and my partner might chop my fingers off. And Dad doesn't have a Leica lens. It's a really huge lens he's got mounted on that camera, might be a Sigma or a Tamron, I don't remember. Pictures are still brilliant, but the R is not for me, that's what I found out from the few times I tried it. So an "M" is still far away in the future, if it ever happens (might have to try on at my local dealer), but some good glass might be one of the additions in the near future. As I said, I want to get an X-E1 and start from there. Unless I win the lottery tomorrow.

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Well, the X-E1 isn't exactly a giveaway, but sure enough cheaper than any digi-Leicas with an M-bayonet. I will not digress right now (too much) into a pledge to maintain the venerable tradition of film photography while producing unique, naked-eye-viewable pieces of materialized light, but hint at the least costly R-lenses, e.g. older 50 f2, 28 f2,8 (the smallest) or 60 f2,8. No comparison to handling a zoom on the R7, adaptable to the Fuji. As an aside, I never have the feeling to see a result on a screen... ;)



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