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old days


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Those were the days.


Packard Convertible 1954.


In background, the ultimate fjord steamer, D / S OSTER.

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Thanks to all who have watched the picture.

Especially thanks for the very nice comments, -

very interesting to hear about the Packards.


Until a few decades ago, all car brands had their own characteristics.

Often you could say something about the personality of the man behind the wheel, based on what car he drove.


I'm pretty sure all of us who have cameras and photography as interest, will recognize themselves.;)


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you Larry for all your great photos that you have had here in the technology section, recently.

It has also been a pleasure to look through your wonderful Vintage Photos Album.

You have so many beautiful, clean and tightly composed images. I have a lot to learn.






I think I'll get back with more pictures of the "OSTER" and other steamboats later.


I recommend you to go directly to YouTube and search for D/S Oster.

(D/S is the Norwegian abbreviation for S/S in English.)


Then you will find more than ten video clips about the boat, the steam engine and the culture around this particular boat.:)

Most of these video clips are very worthy to watch.

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