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Is this a Leica Leitz case?


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This outfit case described by the seller as Leica Leitz made for rangefinder cameras is on its way to me. I am wondering if anyone here can date it. My guess is early to mid 50s. It certainly Leica-like like but I won't know for certain until it arrives. I am wondering if it could have been made for the screw thread cameras or the Ms. Even if it's not Leica it is still a nice case.





$T2eC16FHJHIE9nysd9oSBRG7HeBvjQ~~60_57 by debrux2010, on Flickr



lcase3 by debrux2010, on Flickr

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I am sure it is designed for a Leica rangefinder, the question is which one. It has the same key and catch as a mid-30s Ettwo case I have so it could be prewar but it is not in the 1936 general catalogue. As a nice little bonus it comes with three filters, a couple of Leitz film spools and a camera strap.


p><p><img src=

lcase1 by debrux2010, on Flickr[/img]

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What is the name engraved onto the filters' cases ? It could be related to the case's manufacturer , which too me think isn't Leitz : usually the Leitz name is stamped on the cases like ETGAM - ETGUS etc... ( http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-collectors-historica/169766-fontenelle-archive-60-leica-i-non.html) .. and the size/design of elements for compartments (see 2nd pic above) don't look Leitz.

Of course, it is anyway an old interesting and well built accessory... and, btw, it could be even rarer than some originals Leitz, which were sold in thousands through Leitz own channels, and can be found in any part of the world... many local small manufacturers of such accessories by sure had a much more limited market in the '30s.

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The case arrived today and contained an unused Leica Fibos strap, two Leitz film cassettes, a Leitz Yellow 0 push on filter, two unmarked filters and the original key. It is not marked with a makers name but it was definitely made for a prewar Leica rangefinder. The catch on the front is the same as the ones on other Leica cases I have so I assume it is German. So it's not Leica but it's not a bad buy for US$9.90.

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