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can anyone tell me what this is

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Hey I am hoping someone knows what this Leica product is called.



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It's a Focorapid focusing mount for use on the Visoflex II and III reflex housing with some long-focus lenses (200mm and longer).


If you have more questions about old Leica gear, the best place to post is in the Leica Collectors and Historica section here.

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Welcome to the forum !!!

If you will continue to follow this community , you'll soon realize that there is NOT a place like this to find quick and detailed informations about old Leica gear :) ; as Giordano said, the Collectors and Historical section is a sort of "goldmine" even for arcane items... and our Wiki section (though, hay, NOT completely FREE of small errors... :o) goes rather in depth for many items (see, for Focorapid : http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/14112_-_14113_-_14114,_Focorapid , and follw its links, too..)

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