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hello i am pretty new to this forum and i think none of you know me, i have just ordered a used Leica from one of the users on this forum and anxiously waiting for it.


Why i ordered Leica


I wanted to have the best among its league,

I was impressed by the Leica users work over here

After using Canon for Fashion & Glamour and recently acquiring Fuji X-Pro 1 and X-E1, i started pursuing my street photography passion


Taking picture is a relative art and every one has his or her own taste and style, so positive criticism which improves your thought process is always healthy, and once you post a picture on a forum or website this means you are willing to get feedback both positive and negative, all positive will not make you a good photog and vice versa.


Hope to learn from you guys more and will definitely share my work from Leica as soon i get it.

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Unfortunately the photo forums are mostly devoid of meaningful debate, as too many people seem to take the slightest criticism - however honest and well meant- as a personal attack. So me mostly resort to 'nice shot' type comments on photos we like and ignore the rest.


It would be refreshing to have someone such as yourself who will be open to any criticism offered (and none of us takes a perfect photo everytime) and I hope you will also comment on others work.


Which Leica/lens are you getting?

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