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M9 LED Problem


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My lower left segment of the hundred digit, example 2 in 1/250, went out permanently. I had Leica replace that unit when I sent the camera in for the M9-P upgrade. Note that the camera worked fine otherwise, it was just a bad display segment.

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Those LEDs are extra-ordinarily small - I show the display in one of my Anatomy threads for the M8. A failed segment might be due to a bad connector and fixable by re-seating it, but otherwise a new display will be required. Not a big job because it can be done from the top of the camera but that doesn't mean it will be inexpensive.

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Yes, one segment of the LED died within a week of getting my new M9 just under two years ago.


It never troubled me enough to do anything about it. But now, just coming up to the end of the warranty period, I sent it to Solms and they're correcting it, cleaning the sensor and a couple of other little jobs while its still free.


I'm missing it while its away though.

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