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quick release plate


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Does anyone know of a quick release plate that fits the new S (3) motordrive base ?


I have tried Kirk, Hejnar and Waverley but none of them have any experience and only offer the universal type. I received the Arca swiss universal today and it stuck out of the back by about half an inch. Not very good.


Tripod is an Arca Swiss D4


Maybe someone knows that the R camera and the S camera have the same dimensions for example.



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FWIW I'm a Really Right Stuff L bracket guy for all my cameras. S2, H3DII-39, M9


I prefer the fact that with RRS, when using their L bracket, switching from H to V does away any adjustment to the tripod head. For architecture, which is what I do, it's brilliant.


Don't use that second battery pack on the S2. Haven't found the need yet. Choosing to use rapid pro charger and carry extra batteries. Not sure RRS makes a bracket for it anyway.




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I have purchased the Arca Swiss half plate with the 1/4 screw thread ( £40 ). It mounts front to back rather than side to side and therefore sits nicely under the camera. I have had a 3/8 hole drilled in it and threaded by an engineering firm and so it is now fastened by both screws. This to prevent any twisting rather than anything else.


The Kirk bracket for the eos 1ds 3 actually fits too but as there is a 'coke bottle' curve on the battery grip it doesn't fit all the way along one side and for me looks horrible. It's a cosmetic thing only though.

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