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initial observations on the 75mm APO


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Sort of on a whim, I recently bought the 75mm APO ASPH. For a long time, I'd dismissed the focal length as being sort of a weird middle ground between the 50mm and 90mm focal lengths. The thing that drew me to it, however, was the 0.7m minimum focus distance and the smaller size than the 90mm APO. Whenever I've shot with the 90mm, I always find myself having to back up to the 1m point to get anything in focus.


I'm really, really impressed with this lens. For the way I shoot, being able to focus closer is amazing. I know you can back up with a 90, but for the way I tend to approach subjects, particularly my baby daughter, it works great. And the 75mm FL (compared to the 50mm) means you get better focus isolation. The only thing I don't like is that the 75mm frame lines are on the hard side to see, I'll have to see if it gets better with time as I have the 50mm frame lines really well drilled into my head.


Anyway, if anyone's thinking about it, I think it's great.


Sample photos are here:


Group f/2 : Photo Keywords : 75mm



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Lovely pix, and one of my favorite lenses. I have always found the 75 APO to be a spectacular landscape lens, and did not fully understand how the apochromatic effect rendered colors so perfectly. Now that we have had many smart forum members weighing in on discussions of the 50 APO, I get it more. It really is a special lens.

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This is a great read. My plan is to have a 50 Lux ASPH, 35 Lux FLE and 75 Cron APO in my collection!


I sometimes find myself having to crop certain images made with the 50mm, so in those cases a 75mm would have been perfect. 90mm is too much.


Lovely images by the way!

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