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50 Lux needs service?

Mark Pedley

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Hi All,


I already had one of my 50 Lux go back to Solms because of a loose lens mount. The lens barrel could be rocked left and right relative to the mount ("tilted" as in a tilt-shift lens).


My second 50 lux is tight in the "tilt" sense, but if hold the end of the lens (filter mounted), I can rotate the barrel (clockwise/anticlockwise) slightly relative to the mount. It is probably a fraction of a millimeter, but I can see and feel this minimal rotation at the f-stop markings. There is a hard stop left and right, so there is some play in the construction. I am not sure if this is normal or not. My 35 Cron does not do this.


Just wondering if this is typical, or whether a service is needed on this as well.Just looking for a comparison (since I am sensitized to faults on this lens).




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My 50 Lux, pre asph E43 (the second version with seperate hood) was serviced, coded and adjusted by Malcolm Taylor in early 12. It had a loose mount and was a little notchy with focus.


It cam back buttery smooth and tight all over, no play. I did find that I had a tiny amount of play when focussing recently, as if there was a small amount of slack. I recalled that that I had been advised before to check the lens was light and for this lens you can unscrew front the hood/filter ring. Instead I gave the lens a little tighten by hand, this bought the lens back to perfect. I suspect thread lock might be required for permanent tightening or perhaps it was insufficiniently tightened at th CLA. But Malcolm is very thorough.


I'd carefully tighten ( normal thread so it tightens in the normal way ) and see if it improves perhaps this lens is prone to loosening with use.

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If you look for microscopic faults you will find them everywhere.

Unless it actually affects the functionality of the lens I wouldn't worry about it. Just have it fixed when you do a CLA on the lens when necessary. Until then - don't worry and just use it.

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