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sigma EX lenses on Leica M9?


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Sigma produces lenses with Canon, Sigma and Nikon mount.


Can they be used on the Leica M9 / M? As far as I know Canon has no manual focussing, Nikon no ring for aperture selection. What about the Sigma mount?




p.s. I am asking because the Sigma 8 mm fisheye seems to be the only on which give a full cicle ( Olympus 8 mm is extremly expensive and very rare, the russian Belomo, gives an image cicle a little bit large than 24 mm )

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Yo could buy an old Nikon Full frame Fish Eye lens like the 8mm 2.8, works really well, very nice but rather large for a range finder...

Or buy this Leica M Nikon F adapter with aperture control of G-Type lenses, then you can use a sigma 8mm which is also a very nice lens indeed!


thanks for the advice, the Nikon 8 mm is also a good choice but isn't it also very rare? By the way the above link points to another fisheye lens.


So the question remains for me whether the Sigma lenses can be successfully used with Leica M models



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