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Leica X2


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I just join you guys leica X2 club. I sold all my canon 5d camera stuff and bought a Leica Vlux40 for the zoom aspect and today ordered the Leica X2 for all other shots I may take. I know for sure I will like the Leica stuff for its lite weigh. I don't know why I waited so long to make the change!

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Thanks I feel a little better seeing how buying two Leica cameras is a little pricey. I took the V Lux 40 to the French Quarters yesterday and shot pics of a parade and the setting up for the Super Bowl next Sunday. It's getting crazy in New Orleans already. We have maradi gras and the Super Bowl at once! I really like the zoom on the V Lux 40. I should get my X 2 Friday can't hardy wait!

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Welcome on board!

For the job recently I have purchased the Canon 6D with a 16-35 mm lens. It's nice to work with, I can create great photos (mostly architecture)

BUT WHAT A RELIEF to grap and work with my X2. It's a feeling of returning to the "roots of photography" nice - very nice!

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I think you will love this little camera !

I sold my M9 and bought the X2.

I'm so much happier with my X2 then I was with the M9.

It is really a fantastic camera !!!

Have fun with it...






Why you are much happiger with x2 as M9? It is a huge difference



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